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What is LCL?


LCL was formed as a result of recommendations made by a Law Society of Saskatchewan steering committee (the Committee on Alcoholism), composed of Richard Hornung, Q.C., Ted Priel and G.P. Sommervill, on May 22, 1986 and January 27, 1987. The recommendations of the Committee on Alcoholism included:

  • that the Law Society of Saskatchewan support the establishment of LCL, patterned on a similar organization in Minnesota;
  • that LCL be completely autonomous from the Law Society of Saskatchewan;
  • that the mandate of LCL include counseling and treatment not only for alcoholism and drug addiction, but also for personal, family and stress-related problems;
  • that all referrals be voluntary; and
  • that absolute and strict confidentiality be fundamental to LCL.

Professional Service Provider

Homewood Human Solutions was retained to manage LCL's program and remains LCL's referrals coordinator and administrator for professional counseling services.

How to Access the Program

Client contacts are made directly to Homewood Human Solutions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for immediate confidential assistance. Clients are generally provided up to five (5) free consultations, unless otherwise approved by LCL’s Board of directors. For more information about contacting LCL, click here.


Homewood Human Solutions maintains confidential records, reports to the Board by reference only to client numbers and is careful not to reveal any details that might inadvertently identify a specific client. For more information about confidentiality, click here.


Funding of LCL is by means of a direct levy on Law Society of Saskatchewan members which is collected by the Law Society of Saskatchewan and directed to LCL. There is no requirement that LCL account or report to the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

Legal Status

LCL is a non-profit corporation incorporated on December 27, 1987 and governed by a volunteer Board of directors, composed of lawyers and judges.

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